Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Warning Bahia, is now seriously!

Then finally you will find an apartment to rent. It is given the start to the first major headache of his adult life. Find an apartment good, you fit in, to be considered is an arduous task. The road is long and the desire to have the world and give up your ass is too big. But we are strong, their independence is the way!
The basic laws of Murphy in the search of the apartment are:

1. The apartment is good, but the rent is expensive.

2. The apartment is nice, the rent is cheap, but the condo is absurd!

3. The apartment is nice, the rent is cheap, condominium same, but the property tax is expensive.

4. The apartment is nice, the rent is cheap, ditto the condominium, the property tax is cheap, but the property is falling apart.

5. The apartment is nice, the rent is cheap, ditto the condominium, the property tax is cheap, the property is renovated, but the window to give the neighbor's house or to the wall of another building.
6. The apartment is nice, the rent is cheap, ditto the condominium, the property tax is cheap, the property is renovated, but someone came in front of you with the documentation and took first.

It is important to plan before you start hunting the property. First things first.

1. Where I live?

Give preference to locations that are easily accessible to their work, college, etc.. May go to these places on foot, roll an economy that pays sometimes. If it's expensive to live in this area, find a location with easy transportation, preferably underground.

2. How much can I spend?

You need to make a spreadsheet of costs. If you are going to live with her boyfriend or a friend (a), the two have to sit down and do the worksheet together and see how the two have money to spend the month. Now there are new costs in the spreadsheet besides the rental and condo, like electricity, telephone and gas. If you find a very good apartment, but a little above your budget, you better not pick it up, live in debt and with money tight is not a good first step at this stage.

3. And now? Home hunting?
Now that you've defined the area you want to live, to know how much you can afford, will have to gather some documents to be able to reach the proposed location. Ideally, you already have the paperwork ready before the game, because the real estate are very strict with the documents, and if you find a very good apartment, and do not have all the paperwork in order, may lose the property to someone who already you have all the papers in hand. It takes the property who is faster, it works well.

4. And the guarantor?

Usually to rent a property, you need a guarantor. Guarantor is someone who is willing to sign with you lease the property, pledging to pay the debts if you do not pay. As the role of guarantor is very delicate, it is somewhat difficult to find someone willing to sign it for you. The first thing is to appeal to families, parents, uncle, godmother, someone who owns some property and preferably be in the same city that you are renting an apartment. The estate also fill the bag with guarantors of properties that are in other states.Convincing someone to be your guarantor can be difficult, or you do not really have anyone around who might be so, but still there is a plan B, which is the deposit or surety insurance. Most real estate still prefer the traditional guarantor, but this situation is changing, fortunately.

5. And the paperwork?

Besides the xerox of the basic things (identity, cpf, proof of income and residence), you will need all these documents from your sponsor, and the deed of the property he has to prove he really is able to make that commitment . It asks that property liens certificate you need to take it in the office, proving that you are poor, but is clean and honest. Only this piece of paper costs 100 dollars, and has yet to open firm, authenticate, and all those basic bureaucracies until you get the key, so it's good money to a separate office expenses.

6. I'm with (almost) everything in hand. Can I start hunting?

Now comes the most stressful. Search apartment is an arduous task. Start with the Sunday classifieds, and check all the apartments that you found interesting. If you use Internet classified is better because you make a spreadsheet to more organized. Separate what you can see it on Sunday (very few, usually only gives to do it when the key is left with the doorman) and you'll have to call Monday morning to arrange with the broker to visit the property.
Important: Brokers deal with prospective tenant as a leading zero. As the committee is very small compared to sales commission of a property, they shit for their existence, do not meet on weekends and will only talk to you during business hours. To save them precious time, they usually schedule with various stakeholders at the same time to see the property, there is one Mundaréu of people looking at the apartment at the same time. Once a broker has marked me and over 35 people (!?!?!?) To see an apartment in Botafogo. Truly depressing, and the apartment was shit.
So Monday morning you get to call the estate. Always have your planillha side with space to put the following data: for rent, condo and property tax. Many ads do not come with these values, then when you turn, you can not forget to ask about it. If values ​​like, arrange a visit to the property. Probably the broker will offer a much whimsy time for the visit, type 3 in the afternoon, but try to convince him to score at least at lunch that you just can take a fugidinha work to see what I mean.

7. Visiting the property
Out of 10 buildings, nine are detonated. When the ad says "bedroom apartment with kitchen-living room" is conjugated. If this is not what you want, better not schedule a visit. They are really small.Choose your new home requires careful and not worth fuss. If you do not carefully examine the property, may be buying a headache future. Please note these details:

1. Open all windows and dump to see if they are not stuck or broken.
2. Open all taps to see if they are defective. Flush the toilet too, and look if the dishes are not broken.
3. If the floor is wood, look for the footers and step with some force to see if there is no hollow parts, which is a sign of termites.
4. If the property has cabinets, also check that they are free of termites.
5. If heater in the bathroom, ask if it works.
6. Look for leaks in walls and ceilings.
7. See the box under the house. Usually it is in the kitchen. You can understand nothing of electricity, but you can see a suspicious box with wires out. Another thing is to see if the apartment is three phase or single phase, the latter is problematic for installation of air conditioners.
8. Apartments of funds leading to the garage of the building are not good, believe me. In the din at any time of day or night, as if sleeping in a gas station is not legal. Nor is it cool first floor apartment that sits on top of the play. When you party, or you participate, or just go to sleep when the event ends.
9. It's hard to see it at first, but it is good to take a quick look in the neighborhood. If you ever get in the hallway of the apartment and hears that the flat side has a booming neighbor to the party, may not be a good choice to live beside him.
10. If you have a car, it's good to see if the lease is included in the parking space. If not, ask the concierge if there are vacancies to be leased in the building.
11. Apartments in that their only view is the neighbor's house are also not legal. Privacy does not hurt anyone.
12. If you have time, assunte with the doorman, he can give "form" of the building, say if the apartment is in really bad condition and can even inform you if there is another property to rent there or on the same street.

8. This is what I want to rent. And now?
Ask the broker the proposed location for you to fill and the list of documents required (this can vary from place to place). Once ready, run the estate and handed over the paperwork. Now having no one to pray in front of you and your proposal is accepted. Usually they give the answer in a week.

In the next post I will talk about preparations for the move to its new home.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Tips For Furnishing Your Home

It took more back. Amicas who know me know that my modus operandi is the same, slowly grinding to a halt. 7 But our readers still keeps alive the flame of hope the update (ha, it was so by).

Anyway, let's get on with the work of the church.

There is a total requirement of owning a home furnishings. If your money was already with all appliances, will have to wait a little longer so I can buy some furniture, and the climate camp can last a while.

Recalling once again, do not you dare to buy before you have a mobile home. You do not know if they will go through the door or fit into the rooms.

Here are tips for furnishing your home:

1. Take what you can from your old room
The bed, if single, better leave it there. But if you can load your desk and cupboard, it's already worth. If they are very worn and best leave it there. But sometimes, a paint or varnish already gives them renewed.

2. Ask your relatives and friends do not have anyone interested in getting rid of some mobile
With any luck, you can find some nice mobile that only need a basic reforminha. But do not forget to save the money of shipping!

3. In lean times, Casas Bahia is your best friend
We all know that the furniture is bums, but they are cheap and break the branch. There are things very, very ugly selling there, but with some patience you can find a wardrobe without a mirror outside the door, a simple rack for TV and a closet to the kitchen.

4. Try to save some money to buy a bed
The bed is one of the largest investments. Sleeping well is essential, then at least buy a new mattress and comfortable.

5. Plastic table and stools are our friends
Better than beanbags and cushions, as the hippie fashion house is gone. The plastic furniture has short shelf life and can cause some accidents, I recommend purchasing the most expensive, which are more resistant. The plastic furniture Tramontina are very good, I recommend.

6. Sofas for all tastes
Casas Bahia is our friend, but all sofas, without exception, are horrible. The ideal is to look at other stores. Tok Stok has some nice couches to 400 reais. If you are moving to a very small place, best to buy a sofa bed. Even leaving expensive, it is worth buying one that has a longer life, since it will be used as bedding daily.

7. Creative options
If you have the gift of creativity and joinery, the law is to create furniture from simple and inexpensive materials. Wooden boxes used at fairs can become a shelf. Bricks and wooden slats can turn a rack. But if you have no bag, nor time to do this, follow the above.

In the next chapter, I discuss the uphill battle of getting a property.